Möja island information

Möja is located at the outer edge of the Stockholm archipelago within easy reach. The Storö-Bockö-Lökaö island grouping is collectively called Möjareservatet.

With its fine country roads, Möja is an excellent island for cycling and walking. To get to the island from the mainland, you can drive or take a bus  to Sollenkroka ferry landing at the far eastern tip of Värmdö. Or you can take a ferry from downtown Stockholm to one of six landings on Möja. There are approximately 150 permanent residents on Möja, and the island has a school, grocery store, restaurant and accommodation year-round. In summer, many people escape to the islands. Then, the pizzeria, ice-cream stand, fish shack, craft shops, dance hall and museums open. During the short high season (July), the population increases tenfold. In spring and autumn, the pace slows significantly with less visitors. This is the best time to enjoy the unique natural island environment!


Since the Viking Age, Möja has been populated.

In the 1200s, the island was called Myghi in King Valdemar’s sailing itinerary. Möja is again mentioned in a land registry from 1543, when there were eleven farms distributed among the villages of Berg, Löka, Ramsmora and Långvik as well as Södermöja.


The entire island was scorched in 1719 during the Great Northern War.

The only building that survived was a chapel in Berg. It was later demolished and replaced in 1768 with the current church on the same site. Its current appearance is the result of a renovation in the 1800s.


Fishing and strawberry cultivation dominated.

Catches and harvests were rowed to market in Stockholm. Island life was depicted by the artist Roland Svensson. Writer-songwriter-composer Evert Taube drew inspiration from Södermöja when he wrote his famous song, “Det går en dans på Sunnanö.”



Living and working the outdoor life.

Leave in peace, leave no trace—public-access law grants everyone access to the island of Möja. The Swedish Environmental Agency film shows in brief how to enjoy the outdoors even on private land in Sweden

Möja map

Click on the link below to download a PDF of a folder created with Värmdö municipality. It contains a map and information on Möja island in the Stockholm archipelago.