Visit Möja island on the outer edge of the Stockholm archipelago. This information is provided by the nonprofit Möja Tourist Association. For more information, island maps and merchandise, come see us at Brunströms Bod at Berg harbor.

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Brunströms shack

Closed now, opens spring/summer 2023.
See you then!

Brunströms shack is a repurposed shack stocked by Möja Tourist Association volunteers with souvenirs, presents, the popular Möjawear, ice cream, soda, and candy. Come by for more information and a free map! We are located opposite the Coop food store in Berg.

A quiet winter day on Möja

Filmed by the Swedish Tourist Association at the STF Möja Hostel

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Möja Tourist Association is a nonprofit organization created to inform visitors of the amazing experiences that await on the island. The association is solely run by private individuals, local companies and sponsors.

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