Summertime daily transport by road from north to south. Hop up and down, "hop on hop off"

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hyr kajak på möja outdoor

Möja Outdoor

Rent a kayak, rowing boat and SUP or join us on a seal safari and sauna trip on an island. Activities and experiences in the archipelago!

Things to do on Möja

Simple island life and its natural setting are what make Möja fun and attractive—often for free!

Möja is about 6.5 km from north to south and the sea outside is absolutely magical. Do you want to rent a kayak, rowing boat, SUP, jet ski, go on a seal safari, bask on an island or book transport on land and water contact the companies below.
There are activities at MÖJA all year round, but there are big differences between e.g. high summer and autumn. The pace drops, the visitors become fewer and nature more tangible, a magical season many think! All that is required is a little more planning before a visit;)

Swimming on Möja

Though Möja lacks an official beach, nature has provided several locations for swimming from shores and sloping rocks. Public-access laws apply.
These can be summed up as, “Leave in peace, leave no trace.”






Hiking on Möja

The woods on Möja, surrounded and protected by the sea, include the Björndalen nature preserve, marshland and three lakes. Yellow plastic tape marks trails. The longest trail is 12 kilometers between Hamn and Ramsmora, and the shortest is 3.5 kilometers between Möja Dansbana and the ostriches in Löka.

Long trail 

Short trail  

Sauna on Möja

At the Möjahallen gym between Berg and Löka you may rent a newly built sauna. If you have a boat, you can book a sauna owned by the The Archipelago Foundation  
at Ostholmen or Östervik in the islands east of Möja.

Möja Dansbana

The Möja dance hall is the oldest still operating in the Stockholm archipelago, with concerts, dances and markets every year.

Möja dansbana


 Children are welcome to play outside Möja dansbana where there is a jungle gym and lawn with two picnic tables. One more playground with a slide and soccer field are behind the Möjahallen.

Aktiviteter på Möja

Culture on Möja

 Known as Myghi in the 1200s, Möja has an exciting history and several cultural sites.

Möja church

Möja church is typical of the churches in the outer islands. It was built in 1768 on the foundations of a chapel from the 1600s.

Local history museum

The local history museum displays items from island households of the past. The museum’s two cottages are beautifully located in Berg on the south shore overlooking the sea and rugged coast.

Roland Svensson

The Roland Svensson Museum has recreated the artist’s former atelier and displays several of his works. The museum is located near the Ramsmora ferry landing and has a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea.

Discover Möja

Getting around

The Möja country road is perfect for a bike ride or walk. Other means of transportation include all-terrain vehicles equipped with a trailer.

ATV / Quadbike


PerMobilen is a fun form of transportation along the island’s country road. Check the summer timetable.




Möja’s country road is perfect for biking. There are bike rentals at the north and south ends of the island.

JEPPES (Långvik)



Make the distance manageable for the little ones with a cargo bike!


Visit Möja

Activities on Möja

The Möja Tourist Association tries to keep up with all the summer happenings on Google Calender, but there is a lot going on! Please contact us if you are looking for something special.